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Schiwa Semlja Association
Recommendation for the book: "Biodynamic Gardening"
Last year (2015) a very interesting book about bio-dynamic gardening appeared.
Seminar on projective geometry attended by 30 participants
Seminar on projective geometry held in mid-September 2016
Evaluation of soil
Course on Bio-dynamic Preparations, Potutory, October 2015

“Schiwa Semlja” (“Living Earth”) is an association committed to organic and bio-dynamic agriculture in the Ukraine. It supports farmers and small market gardeners with professional advice and financial means.

Advice is given by agriculture specialists who have a great deal of practical experience that is based on a broad theoretical and scientific background.

With the founding of the Association in 2000, intensive collaboration with five farm families began.

Since 2006,the Association has focussed its work on one particular project: the operation of a bio-dynamic farm and an agricultural education center on that farm in Potutory.  Thus, the people working on the farm on a daily basis have the opportunity for both practical work and theoretical schooling. In addition, the courses are open to students and farmers from all parts of the Ukraine. The course leaders are a combination of those working on the farm, guest speakers from the Ukraine, and experts from other countries.

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