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Seminar on projective geometry attended by 30 participants

Date: 15.9.2016

"Potutory is increasingly living up to its name as a "training center for biological and biological- dynamic agriculture, for ecology and for culture". In and parallel to the everyday agricultural life there is a lively interpersonal exchange. This year, school classes from Switzerland and Ukraine visited Potutory and worked there. Ukrainian trainees help while learning about crop-planting and two young German helpers of the movement "Friends of the art of education" are currently supporting the activities. In the spring a course for the production of biodynamic preparations took place. Another will follow this autumn, this time for the employees on the farm.

Also very pleasing is the success of the seminar on projective geometry held in mid-September. Thirty participants from around the Ukraine, including teachers, scientists, architects, and farmers, followed Charles Gunn's presentations on the subject. A teacher from the Waldorf school in Dniepropetrovsk translated from English to Russian. Since he himself is deeply connected with this approach to geometry, the content passed through clearly to the audience, which is the prerequisite for the proper development of the thought processes and the corresponding implementation in drawings.

The feedback at the end of the seminar was very positive, which encouraged Cristina Lieberherr and Ivan Bojko, the two leaders of the project, to continue in this sense with the course and seminar offerings."

Irene Zimmerli

Seminar projektive Geometrie
The impromptu seminar set-up was a gret success

Duality of cube and octahedron

Space and counterspace

Course participants at the end of the seminar

Charles Gunn, Cristina Lieberherr and participants after singing a German folk song at
the final meal together

In Cristinas herb and vegetable garden

In the new milk stall




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