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Course on Bio-dynamic Preparations, Potutory, October 2015

Date: 3.10.2015

The course taught by experts was organized around the practical tasks involved in the creation of the preparations (click on Info/Features of bio-dynamic acriculture for background information).

This course was the second of a three part series. The first was held in the spring of 2015 and was devoted to working the soil without plowing. In addition the spring course inclued instruction on healthy nutrition by a Ukrainian doctor. The third part of the course was held in the spring of 2016 and continued the instruction on bio-dynymic preparations. In November of 2016 the members of the Potutory farm will make preparations for use on the farm. 

The following pictures from the course in 2015 show some of the many steps necessary to create the preparations.

Here is the list of the steps illustrated.

  • Filling the cow horns with cowdung.
  • Making the compost preparations, such as chamomile and dandelion, and packing them into cow's intestine.
  • Packing oak bark into cows's skulls.
  • A drawing of the energies affecting life on earth - the aetheric energies from above and the energies coming from the earth below.
  • Containers filled with peat to store and protect the preparations.
  • Meals shared in the newly renovated building, where indoor course work is also held. 



Irene Zimmerli



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